James And The LED’s.

Children by nature have the extraordinary tendency to smash open toys to satiate the curiosity of what’s inside. Though most parents consider it destructive and try to teach their kid to control this urge, I think that is the most important part of their initial learning and growth. Being a modern educated woman and a

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Very impressive young lady, working her way into dad’s computer. My hat goes off to her parents.

I’m sure they will encourage and guide this child in learning her way around today’s technology. Technological progress in hardware is lowering entry threshold into tech education for young people to new low. “Five buck computer” from Raspberry Pi or Arduino , BeagleBone, PIC and many others combined with vast resources on the web lives parents with no excuses.

Not all kids will express interest in technology, and that’s OK. I would like to challenge parents to find out if your kid can be hooked on coding, robotics, hardware hacking etc. With the right approach, you may discover that they will love to learn how to make computer games more than play them for hours on end. Kids are curious, and most of them will follow you long way into the new and interesting project and learning adventure.

How to go about finding out.

1. Visit Arduino Web Site this will give you idea about Arduino hardware. Find out how other kids play with it having fun at the same time. The simplicity of Arduino board will let them experience computing the way they have not seen before. They will be able to see how small device can sense its environment (input), then using a simple program kid can learn to write,  control various devices attached to it (motors, servos, LED lights and the like).

2. Visit Raspberry Pi site Choke full of clues for parents, how to open the door for their kid to the new adventure in learning and fun. Raspberry Pi runs full fledged operating system (RASPIAN) based on Linux. This device is powerful enough to serve as the first computer for your kid. Free software can be downloaded from Raspberry Pi website.

3. If you like to see what else is out there for your child try SCRATCH site on the web. This is a fantastic free resource for parents and teachers. The cool thing about it is that all is needed to play and learn is an ordinary web browser. Go to Scratch website here and explore. This is the place where future Zuckerberg’s should go years before they will enrol in MIT. No need to buy any gadgets to get a taste of coding, creating stories and games, learning and having a good time with your child.

Please share your comments bellow. If you are a teacher you welcome to add your ideas from the educators point of view. I’m sure all parents will value and appreciate your input.

No gramma police in comments. English is my THIRD langue,  …. and be nice, this is the family safe website.