TWO pack 2 x HC-SR04 Distance Sensor with mounting bracket

$4.85 $3.85

TWO pack 2 x HC-SR04 Distance Sensor with mounting bracket

$4.85 $3.85

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2 x Distance sensor with mounting bracket

Ultrasonic ranging module HC – SR04 provides 2cm – 300 cm non-contact measurement function, the ranging accuracy can reach to 3mm. The modules include ultrasonic transmitters, receiver and control circuit. The basic principle of work:
(2) The Module automatically sends eight 40 kHz and detect whether there is a pulse signal back.
(3) IF the signal back, through high level, time of high output IO duration is the time from sending ultrasonic to returning. Test distance = (high level time×velocity of sound (340M/S) / 2,

  • Working Voltage: 5V(DC)
  • Static current: Less than 2mA.
  • Output signal: Electric frequency signal, high level 5V, low level 0V.
  • Sensor angle: Not more than 15 degrees.
  • Detection distance: 2cm-450cm.
  • High precision: Up to 0.3cm
  • Input trigger signal: 10us TTL impulse
  • Echo signal: output TTL PWL signal
  • Mode of connection:
  • 1.VCC 2.trig(T) 3.echo(R) 4.GND
  • Color: Blue & Silver
  • Item size: 44*20*15mm
  • Net weight: 11g

Packing content:

2 x Arduino Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 Distance Sensor
2 x Mounting bracket


You will need 4 very small screws to attach HC-SR04 to the mounting bracket.
I use a small amount of hot glue instead.
Works like charm.


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