James And The LED’s.

Children by nature have the extraordinary tendency to smash open toys to satiate the curiosity of what’s inside. Though most parents consider it destructive and try to teach their kid to control this urge, I think that is the most important part of their initial learning and growth.

Being a modern educated woman and a mom to an 8-year-old boy, James, I have always seen my child excited about the new toys he gets for the things he will find inside when he takes them apart. Since the time when those components were just shining things that he WASN’T allowed to swallow, I had decided to help my kid understand technology as he uses it. To give him blocks that will be joined to form actual working models instead of letting him while away his most creative years in video games. I wanted my kid to be different, to find his passion in electronics easy and natural, and to help him gain confidence.

child_edu_robotLike all women, I usually DIY things a lot, we have a garage just to hold those handy tools that are always used. From a very young age, James was found tinkering with his toys there as I worked on my projects. So I made sure I got that adorable little toy-destroyer all the gear he needed and hence 300 IN 1 Electronic Project lab kit became his most prized possession. Just like riding the first bike, Every parent deserves to witness the joy the kids profess when they light their first LED.

Starting from little things like the Led blinking and chirping circuits, me and James have moved through the different steps and now I can safely say that kid knows more technology than me (though he still thinks its caspatitor and dye-o). Every day we work on some newly found project, he calls it ‘building something AWSOME’, and even though we screw up a lot in the process, making wrong connections and burning components, I myself think I am learning a lot.

James has grown so fond of these projects that we have been throwing him Electronic themed birthday partied for the last two years in which everything and everyone is a robot, which has given him his new obsession. ROBOTS!

For a 9-year-old, building a robot is a little complex for the age but now that we want to, and James have his mommy to help him, there can’t be much that anyone can do to stop our builder. Personally, I blame my husband for he was the one who told my little boy that robots are made and not born. Yes! That kid used to believe that. But now that it’s done, we are set to do a little playing with microcontrollers, a part of the Electronic kit that was by far left untouched.

Having James take an interest in electronics not only makes me satisfied with my kid’s hobbies, it gives me a challenge. My kid challenges me to keep up with that growing mind, he makes me feel an essential part of his little projects and it is the most satisfactory feeling in the world.

Ayesha Siddique

To be continued.

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