James And The LED’s.

Children by nature have the extraordinary tendency to smash open toys to satiate the curiosity of what’s inside. Though most parents consider it destructive and try to teach their kid to control this urge, I think that is the most important part of their initial learning and growth. Being a modern educated woman and a

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Look Ma… No Soldering and It Is Less Than Pair of Yoga Pants…


Learning by doing at its best.


Photo: Courtesy of www.http://littlebits.cc/

For those that love working with the Arduino system, or are perhaps starting to look into it for the first time, you may be pleased to know that two new kits have been announced which are designed to make it as simple as possible to tackle those larger projects. Excellent solution for parents looking to a way to propel their kids into Silicone Valley.

The first kit retails for roughly $36 and is known as the ‘Arduino at Heart’ kit. This system requires absolutely no soldering. You simply snap the parts into place and you are good to go. This board is very much focused on the programming side of things. Despite the lack of soldering,  you can still tackle some rather hefty jobs. This kit is perfect for those who want to get started by toying with Arduino. Right out of the box you will be able to build some pretty decent systems.

There is an upgrade to the standard kit which retails at $89.00. This is the best route to go down if you have never programmed with Arduino before. It represents absolutely fantastic value as you get a power module, your battery, eight additional segments, and the board included.

As I said, you will be surprised at the amount of projects you will be able to tackle with this piece of kit. At the moment the company behind it are building a moving robot that can actually play ‘rock, paper, and scissors’ with you. Many people may find Arduino at Heart perfect for prototyping robots.

The vast majority of people who go down the ‘Arduino at Heart’ route will be learning the actual system. It has been designed for that. You will learn the basics of hardware and the way in which electronics work. This will provide you with a firm grounding for future projects.

…and something for daddy.

The second kit is the ‘Zero Board’. This board has a VERY powerful micro-controller at the core. Despite the power at your disposal though, it is actually quite easy to build a decent project with it. more info here

The zero board is perfect for developers who want to tackle slightly more complex projects. It is far more sophisticated than Arduino at Heart, although it may be slightly more difficult to get started (although the whole system has of course been designed to be as simple as possible)

Both of these kits have been developed with the assistance of Arduino. This way you can be sure that they meet all of the latest specifications for both programming and hardware.